Our curriculum has been used in schools since 1998.

Thousands of students have acquired their Spanish skills and love for the language through Risas y Sonrisas.

Students play Risas y Sonrisas Spanish games in class
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Risas y Sonrisas features original songs, games, creative and colorful visuals, movement, American Sign Language, skits, activity workbooks, and multimedia resources


Risas y Sonrisas - “Laughter and Smiles” - is a comprehensive, flexible, fun, and easy to use multi-grade instructional program for teaching Spanish to elementary school children (K-5th grade). The materials interconnect to present the same information in a variety of ways. Our goal is to provide students with enjoyable, meaningful, and context-rich opportunities to explore the Spanish language. We provide a positive introduction that is essential to promoting a future love for the language and the desire to continue learning. With the Risas y Sonrisas Spanish for Kids curriculum, students become familiar “by ear” with the sounds and common language structures of Spanish, focusing on vocabulary acquisition and practical conversation. Along the way, grammar concepts are embedded in creative and easy-to-learn ways that lay the groundwork for a lifetime of Spanish learning.

Memory Game
Full-size classroom materials literally surround students with the Spanish language!

Our Programs

We can accommodate every educational setting from one-on-one tutoring to an entire school district by offering our complete curriculum packaged in four different programs.

Our School Program is designed for use in a school classroom setting. It includes full-size materials and games that are best played with a large group.

The Homeschool Program contains all the same content as the School Program but with the materials adapted for use in a homeschool or tutoring setting. The large classroom illustrations are replaced with pictures from the Student Book, and the games are adapted to be played with fewer students. These changes help make this option more affordable for homeschool instructors with smaller student groups.

Next, the Exploratory Programs provide an opportunity for schools with limited instruction time to give their students a strong introduction to the Spanish language without committing to the full curriculum. Each Exploratory Module covers approximately half the full curriculum.

Finally, the Online Program is the digital version of our curriculum. A one-year Instructor License for the Online Program is included with each of the other Programs, providing access to all of our original songs, fun online games, Q&A for practical conversation skills, and skit videos featuring native Spanish speakers. The Online Program works best as a companion to the face-to-face classroom instruction. However, it can also work as a standalone program for those with very limited budgets. If you are considering this route, we recommend purchasing some additional games and printed materials to provide that tactile, hands-on learning experience.

Homeschool Spanish for Kids
A set of 162 cognate words help students discover that they already know many Spanish words, building confidence in their language skills!

Who can learn with Risas y Sonrisas?

Risas y Sonrisas is designed for elementary school students (K-5th grade), but can also be adapted for older and younger. Emerging readers benefit from the attractive pictures, age-appropriate games, catchy songs, ASL, and commonly-used phrases. Older students enjoy the same activities, but their reading ability allows them to play more complex games, practice writing in the Activity Workbooks, and learn more complex grammar concepts such as building picture sentences in the present, past, and future.

By appealing to different learning styles through multi-modal repetition, Risas y Sonrisas ensures that all students stay engaged and keep learning no matter how they learn best! Our catchy songs appeal to auditory learners, while the fun, color-coded illustrations capture the attention of visual learners. Kinesthetic learners will love all the tactile, physical activities including throwing and catching balls and using the fly swatters.

Picture Sentences
With our innovative traffic light color-coding system, students learn to build picture sentences in the past, present, and future!

Who can teach with Risas y Sonrisas?

Any teacher, instructor, or parent can start teaching Spanish with Risas y Sonrisas whether or not they speak Spanish! Audio, illustrations, and videos that accompany the program demonstrate the correct pronunciation of Spanish words, and our detailed, adaptable lesson plans provide activity-by-activity suggestions to make every class session a positive learning experience for everyone. For 20 years, we've been focusing on developing unique and powerful tools to help teachers achieve what they thought was impossible!

We invite you to jump right in, leading activities, singing songs, and playing games right along with your students! Discover the joy of learning Spanish with "Laughter & Smiles" - Risas y Sonrisas.

Flyswatter Game
Fun games keep students of all learning styles engaged!
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