Spanish Curriculum for Elementary K-5

Online Interactive Program


Upgrade your Spanish classes for Fall 2017.

Risas y Sonrisas® is pleased to offer you a sneek preview of the NEW technology in development for School Year 2017-18.

Online Program Orders Available Mid-July!

Q: What can teachers do in Risas y Sonrisas Online?

  • Create your own Spanish course from our flexible, comprehensive elementary Spanish curriculum. Select the units you want your students to see, set up your student logins one at a time or in batches, and start teaching Spanish sooner!

    Risas y Sonrisas Online is optimized for interactive whiteboard classroom practice. Practice all our fun activities in class as a group, then assign games and homework for students to practice in the computer lab or at home on any iOS/Android tablet device.

    Introduce songs to the full class by watching an animated video or reading through song lyrics while you listen to the matching audio track. Pause the song so students repeat the lyrics and learn pronunciation from a native Spanish speaker.

    Practice conversation multiple ways with Q&A modules in each unit: if anyone needs a little more help when the teacher isn’t nearby, we provide Spanish audio and English translation help in the app.

    Classroom administration is a breeze with our new Teacher Dashboard suite. Set up students one at a time or upload your entire class with a single step: our platform gives you the freedom to set up a different curriculum for each class and assess student performance on every game in the app

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What can students do in Risas y Sonrisas Online?

  • Practice Spanish anywhere their desktop, laptop, or iOS/Android tablet is connected to the internet. Our simple interface is easy for kids to navigate and find the activities you want them to play.

    Visual learners will absorb vocabulary and simple grammar concepts with our fun illustrations, auditory learners will benefit from listening and hearing Spanish audio, and tactile learners gain comprehension with educational games and timed activities. Please contact us for volume discounts on more than 200 students, or to divide a large number of students into smaller classes.

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    Minimum Class Size: 5 Students


What can parents do in Risas y Sonrisas Online?

  • Teach their children Spanish even if they don’t already speak it. Parents love Risas y Sonrisas because our curriculum is complete and flexible, and it’s just as easy to get started teaching if you don’t have a background in foreign language instruction or if you’re a native Spanish speaker.

    Our Online Program is accessible from any web-connected device, and best yet, you don’t have to read a giant manual just to get started playing a fun game!

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