The Large Poster Set contains 42 full-color posters with eye-catching illustrations that help reinforce vocabulary for each theme and tap into the visual learning style.

Vocabulary on the posters and in the Student Book are shown in the same order as the songs so that students can easily follow the lyrics. While students are still learning new vocabulary, the posters provide a visual reference to help them feel comfortable participating in group activities.


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14 themes with 2 posters each: Pronunciation | Colors | Body | Numbers | Opposites | Wild Animals | School | Verbs | Food | House | Places | Occupations | Clothing | Farm Animals

14 themes with 1 poster each: Family | Emotions | Shapes | Days of the Week | Months and Seasons | Holidays | Directions | Personal Pronouns | Olimpo y Ana (Masculine-Feminine) | Ser, Estar, Tener (To Be)

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