The Domino Cards provide a fun, interactive way to practice vocabulary. Students match words to their corresponding pictures. The domino pictures can also be used as mini-flashcards to play many other games.

The Mini Verb Conjugation Cards are a smaller version of the large conjugation cards used in the school program. The cards have slits to insert the verb word cards in the different verb conjugation endings for each personal pronoun. Students learn to build picture sentences using the traffic light association cards for presentpast, and future tense.


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  • 12 Domino themes with 24 tiles each: Body | Numbers | Opposites | Wild Animals | School | Verbs | Food | House | Places | Occupations | Clothing | Farm Animals
  • 4 Domino themes with 12 tiles each: Colors | Shapes | Emotions | Directions
  • 9 Mini Verb Conjugation Cards

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