Annual Online Program Instructor/Single User License

The ultimate companion to our award-winning Spanish Program.
We are proud to offer an all-digital version of our complete Spanish curriculum. The Online Program includes original animated songs, sign & sing, song lyrics, games for major themes, Q&A for conversation, and skits with native Spanish speakers.

These fun, interactive activities encourage multi-modal repetition and keep students engaged. All of this comes in a flexible, user-friendly interface that can be accessed on an interactive board, iPad, Mac or PC.
Dynamic administration tools round out the package, helping teachers assign homework, track student progress, and manage student logins.

The Online Program Instructor License is for a single-user only.

To add instructors you will need to buy addtional Instructor Licenses.

The Instructor License to the Online Program with content and dashboard is for a single-user only. To add teachers, you will need to buy additional Instructor Licenses.
Student Logins can be added to an Instructor License and both expire at the same time. Students can be divided in up to 6 classes per Instructor License (minimum of 20 maximum of 100 students per class)

Student Logins may be added to a Insturctor License for an additional cost and will expire at the same time as the Instructor License.

Student Logins can be divided in up to 6 classes per Instructor License (Maximum 100 students per class)



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The Online Program includes:

  • 26 vocabulary themes with songs, animated videos, and games.
  • 3 different song demonstrations (Animated Video, Sign & Sing, Audio & Lyrics).
  • 3 different games for each major theme.
  • Q&A’s for each major theme to introduce practical conversation.
  • 8 video skits with native speaker and subtitles.

Themes included: Pronunciation, Colors & Shapes, Emotions & Greetings, Body, Directions, Numbers, Family, pposites, Wild Animals, School, Calendar (Days, Months, Seasons, Holidays), Time, Verbs, Personal Pronouns, Food & Set the Table, House, Places, Occupations, Clothes, Farm Animals, Gender (Masculine/Feminine), To Be (Ser, Estar, Tener), Additional Songs (Questions, Magic Words, etc.).

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Our 39 Original Songs are presented in 3 different ways to keep learning fun and engaging.Sign up for our free trial
To see examples of our songs sign up for our free trial.

Animated Song Video

Sign & Sing Video

Audio & Lyrics


Vocabulary in the songs is then reinforced with Games which are divided into 3 different stages
1. Introduction 2. Reinforcement 3. Mastery/Conversation.

Teachers can easily adapt games to allow differentiation of skill level and customize the program to their needs.Online Games make practicing vocabulary fun and entertaining.The illustrated vocabulary on the online program has audio to help students practice at their own pace and enable non Spanish-speaking instructors to guide a class.

Interactive Matching Flash Card


Bubble Game


Q & As With Audio
Students can read and listen to practical Q&A’s related to each vocabulary theme. Acquiring simple phrases that students can repeat across several themes, builds confidence and helps students become fluent Spanish speakers.


Skit Videos With Spanish
Students can watch online videos of skits featuring native Spanish speakers. This reading theatre is included in the student book and workbooks for students to perform in role-play in the classroom or at home. It’s very rewarding when students master the skits and act them out without having to use the text to follow along.