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The School Program is our comprehensive package for elementary Spanish education. It offers over 100 hours of classroom instruction as well as additional resources for extending the instruction time.

It includes a full range of classroom materials with original artwork, full-size colorful posters, materials for playing all the games in the program, and one set of student materials for reference.

The School Program includes a comprehensive Teacher’s Manual with detailed lesson plans as well as a One-Year Instructor License for the Online Program.

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  • ONLTSU One-Year Instructor License for Online Program
  • CD07 Music CD & Lyrics Booklet
  • FS01 Domino & Mini Verb Conjugation Card Set (4 complete sets)
  • CC12 Cognate Picture Cards (162 cards)
  • TACC Teacher Accessories Kit (poster bag, flyswatters, ball, magnets)
  • CS02 Large Verb Conjugation Cards (Set of 9)
  • BG13 14 Bingo Card Sets (20 cards each)
  • PWC14 Picture & Color-Coded Word Cards (14 Sets of 24 cards each)
  • PS42 Large Poster Set (42 18″x24″ posters)

One set of Student Materials included for reference:

  • CF00 Cognate Folder with Audio Download
  • SB00 Student Book
  • WB1234 Activity Workbooks 1-4

Additional student materials available for purchase, including Student Logins for the Online Program.

Themes included: Pronunciation, Colors & Shapes, Emotions & Greetings, Body, Directions, Numbers, Family, Opposites, Wild Animals, School, Calendar (Days, Months, Seasons, Holidays), Time, Verbs, Personal Pronouns, Food & Set the Table, House, Places, Occupations, Clothes, Farm Animals, Gender (Masculine/Feminine), To Be (Ser, Estar, Tener), Additional Songs (Questions, Magic Words, etc.)

Teacher's Manual

The comprehensive Teacher’s Manual contains contains detailed lesson plans as well as theme templates to allow teachers to customize lessons to their class’s needs.

The Manual comes with reproducible downloads for use in class, an overview tools snapshot for each theme, suggestions for presenting songs and Q&A, game ideas for every level, and an invitation to the Risas y Sonrisas Teacher Collaboration Group.


The Large Poster Set contains 42 full-color posters with eye-catching illustrations help reinforce vocabulary for each theme and tap into the visual learning style.

Vocabulary on Posters and in the Student Book are shown in the same order as the songs so that students can easily follow the lyrics. While still learning new vocabulary, the Large Posters can be a visual reference for students to help them feel comfortable participating in group activities.

Picture/Word Cards

The Picture & Color-Coded Word Cards include fun illustrations accompanying the vocabulary in the program. They are used as the basis of many of the games included in the program.Words are color-coded by part of speech (noun, adjective, verb) as well as by gender, gender agreement, and verb endings. This helps students spot patterns and make associations across words, which accelerates learning.


The Teacher Accessories Kit contains a variety of tools to help set up your classroom, including pieces for playing various games and organizing all the other materials. 

Personal Pronoun Cards

The Large Verb Conjugation Cards are a classroom-sized, hands-on, and visually-engaging way to teach basic verb conjugation.

The Personal Pronoun Cards have slits to insert the verb word cards in the different verb conjugation endings. Students learn to build picture sentences using the traffic light association cards for present, past, and future tense.

Bingo Cards

Bingo Card Sets contain vocabulary from each theme with fun illustrations. They are used to play the Bingo game and reinforce vocabulary.

5 card sets and 20 card sets are available for purchase so you can best meet the needs of your group.

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