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This award-winning comprehensive curriculum covers over 100 + hours of elementary Spanish instruction. Risas y Sonrisas provides all the tools a teacher could hope to have in a single package to keep students actively engaged while having fun learning Spanish in their preferred learning style. The Complete School Curriculum includes detailed lesson plans, original songs, fun games, role-playing skits, creative visual aids, and multimedia that make this program flexible and loaded with variety. A one-year teacher subscription to the Online Interactive Program content and student dashboard is included for access to all of our original songs, videos, and audio, as well as a variety of fun games and conversational activities.

The Instructor License to the Online Program with content and dashboard is included in your program for one year. To add teachers, you will need to buy additional Instructor Licenses.
Student Logins can be added to an Instructor License and must expire at the same time or before the Instructor license. Students can be divided in up to 6 classes per Instructor License (minimum of 20 maximum of 100 students per class)


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ONLTSU Annual Online Program Teacher with access to content and a multiuser dashboard if student logins are purchased

CD07 Music CD with 39 Songs

FS01 4 Mini – Flashcard Sets
16 Domino themes (w/24 tiles each)
1 Mini-Conjugation Set (9 cards)

CC12 162 Cognate Flashcards

TACC Teacher Accessories
(poster bag,flyswatter,ball,magnets)

Student Materials included (for refrence use only)*

CF00 Cognate Folder*

SB00 Student Book*

WB1234 Activity Workbooks 1-4*

Teacher’s Manual Lesson Plans
Reproducible DownloadsTeacher’s Manual Lesson Plans
Reproducible Downloads

Major Themes :
Body | Numbers | Opposites | Schools | Wild Animals | Verbs | Food | House | Places | Occupation | Clothing | Farm Animals

Each Includes :
2 Posters
24 Pictures & color-coded word cards
1 bingo set (20 cards) & Domino

Color Shapes :
2 posters
24 Pictures & color-coded word cards
1 bingo set (20 cards) & Domino

Direction & Emotion :
2 posters
24 Pictures & color-coded word cards
1 bingo set (20 cards) & Domino

2 Posters (Vowel Consonants)
1 poster (Spanish –English similar)

Olimpo y Ana:
1 poster(Musculine – Feminine)

Family :
1 poster

1 Day poster
4 months/Seasons posters
1 Holiday poster

1 poster
Personal Pronouns
1 poster

Verb Conjugation Set:
9 Large Personal Pronoun Conjugation cards

Ser | Estar | Tener
3 posters

Teacher's Manual

  • Theme templates to customize lesson plans
  • Tools snapshot for each theme.
  • Reproducible downloads.
  • How to present Songs, Games, Q&A & Skits.
  • Game ideas for 3 stages: Intoduce, Reinforce & Master.
  • Invitation to RyS Teacher Collaboration Group.

Our lessons are designed to be flexible and interconnect to present the same information in a variety of ways.


    • These 42 full-color posters (18 x 24) with engaging original illustrations help reinforce vocabulary for each theme and tap into the visual learning style.

Posters and Book Illustrations are in the same order as the songs so that students can easily follow the song lyrics.

Posters allow students to look for answers and feel comfortable participating when they play introductory games.

Picture/Word Card Sets


These attractive picture and word cards are used with a agnet to play games and build picture sentences. There are 14 themes with 24 picture and word cards each. Words are color-coded to identify gender in nouns, adjective agreements , word patterns and verb endings.


The Teacher Accessories bag contains a variety of tools to help set up your classroom, play various games, and organize your materials.

Personal Pronoun Cards

Our personal pronoun cards help students conjugate verbs in a hands-on, visual and fun way. Using our traffic light method, students will insert the color-coded verb word card into the appropriate ending. Students can build and write thousands of picture sentences using the vocabulary they have learned.

Bingo Sets

Bingo sets are included for each of the 14 themes
with 20 cards in each theme.

Extra sets can be purchased separately for small, medium or large group sizes of 5 or 20 students.

The calling cards are not part of the bingo set.To play the bingo game you need to use the large picture cards in the School Program, the domino illustrations in the Homeschool Program or the matching flashcards in the Online Program.