The Student Textbook is the colorful and engaging core of our Spanish curriculum. It presents Spanish vocabulary, grammar concepts, and picture-anchored sentences across several units. Each unit includes a song with lyrics and illustrations, an index of Q&A, a lesson on Hispanic culture, and a skit that combines vocabulary with Q&A from the chapter.

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The textbook is divided into 8 chapters, each of which contains 4-5 vocabulary themes. Each vocabulary theme is introduced with illustrations (mini- poster) and a song. Students can follow along by looking at the illustrated vocabulary page in the textbook, or by reading the lyrics. Each theme also includes a set of commonly used Q&A that relate to the vocabulary. A skit for roleplaying is presented at the end to reinforce the Q&A and vocabulary acquired throughout the chapter. A cultural point closes the chapter.

Pronunciation, simple grammar concepts, speaking in the present, past and future, or using the verb “to be” can be introduced to children only when using creative visuals and color-coding words that make it easy for children or even adults to easily understand with Risas y Sonrisas.