Spanish Curriculum for Elementary K-5

Complete Set – 42 Color Posters


Full-color posters with engaging original illustrations help reinforce vocabulary for each theme and tap into the visual learning style. Posters and Book Illustrations can be used to follow the song lyrics because they are in the same order as the song.

Students rely on posters to peak, learn and feel comfortable when participating in introductory games.

2 posters for 14 units: (Pronunciation, Colors, Body, Numbers, Opposites, Wild Animals, School, Verbs, Food, House, Places, Occupations, Clothing, and Farm Animals)

1 poster for 14 units: (Family, Emotions, Shapes, Days of the Week, Months and Seasons, Holidays, Directions, Personal Pronouns, Masculine/Feminine, Ser, Estar, Tener).

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