Spanish Curriculum for Elementary K-5

Homeschool Program with Annual Online Access


Student Textbook

The textbook is divided into 8 chapters, each of which contains 4-5 vocabulary themes. Each vocabulary theme is introduced with illustrations (mini- poster) and a song. Students can follow along by looking at the illustrated vocabulary page in the textbook, or by reading the lyrics. Each theme also includes a set of commonly used Q&A that relate to the vocabulary. A skit for roleplaying is presented at the end to reinforce the Q&A and vocabulary acquired throughout the chapter. A cultural point closes the chapter.

Pronunciation, simple grammar concepts, speaking in the present, past and future, or using the verb “to be” can be introduced to children only when using creative visuals and color-coding words that make it easy for children or even adults to easily understand with Risas y Sonrisas.


Set of Activity Workbooks 1-4

The Activity Workbooks provide opportunities to reinforce in writing the material that the songs, games, and conversation present. Each workbook covers 1 of the 4 sections, which equals 2 of the 8 chapters in the book. It’s full of fun illustrated activities that go with the vocabulary themes.

The back cover of each workbook has 40 original colorful cognate picture to review with the Q&A.

The set includes 1 of each Activity Workbook. It may be advisable to purchase an additional set for each student using the program.


Domino and Mini Verb Conjugation Card Set

It can be used to play the Domino game where students match words to their corresponding pictures or as min-flashcards to play many other games. 

The mini-verb conjugation cards are the small version of the personal pronoun conjugation cards. They have personal pronouns with slits to insert verb word cards and build sentences in the past, present, and future 




  • 12 vocabulary units with 24 tiles each: Body, Numbers, Opposites, Wild Animals, School, Verbs, Food, House, Places, Occupations, Clothing, Farm Animals
  • 4 vocabulary units with 12 tiles each: Colors, Shapes, Emotions, Directions
  • 9 Mini Verb Conjugation Cards

1 Cognate Picture Card Set with Folder and Audio CD

Cognate Picture Card Set with Cognate Folder

The Cognate Picture Cards and Folder have beautiful color illustrations of easy vocabulary that is similar in Spanish and English. Discover Spanish words that students already know.

The Cognate Cards are divided into 14 different categories: Animals, Musical Instruments, Sports, Transportation, Fantasy, Insects, Fruits, Vegetables, Food, Nature, People, Locations, Liquids, Reptiles, and House.

The Folder is included for students to practice and store their work.

1 Homeschool Instructor Manual

Homeschool Instructor Manual

The Homeschool Instructor’s Manual contains detailed lesson plans that can be adapted according to the age group, class size and time dedicated for each session. 

It’s full of innovative teaching techniques and fun game ideas. The Risas y Sonrisas Manual can easily be extended beyond the offered lessons with cultural activities, reading books and recycling acquired vocabulary using our learning tools with more advanced concepts.

Homeschool Online Interactive

Online Interactive Program

A flexible, user-friendly interface so that teachers, parents, students, or substitutes can start learning quickly. Dynamic classroom administration tools round out the package, helping teachers assign homework, track student progress, and manage individual student logins. The Risas y Sonrisas interactive online program is a great complement for teachers to use in an interactive board and for homeschool parents who don’t speak Spanish to use at home.



  • Songs presented with animated videos, sign & sing or audio & lyrics
  • Games available for each vocabulary theme to keep the learning engaging and fun
  • Q&As are great to introduce practical conversations with text and audio
  • Skits roleplay with real-world interactions, native Spanish speakers and subtitles

1 Music CD with Song Lyric Booklet

Music CD with 39 Song Lyrics Booklet

The Music CD includes 39 songs with catchy tunes that introduce children to Spanish vocabulary and phrases. Music is one of the most powerful tools for accelerating the learning process.

These songs can also be rehearsed in the interactive online program with the audio & lyrics, the animated or sign & sing videos. Also, by looking at the pictures or lyrics in the student book activity workbooks.

Lessons are aligned with ACTFL Standards.



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