Pam Parker
Austin, TX

Risas y Sonrisas is an extraordinary language program – creatively designed to be entertaining and rich in content. Kids are quickly immersed in Spanish and having a ball.

Short of a trip abroad, I can’t imagine a better learning experience.

Lavern McGhie
Brampton, ON, Canada

We homeschool our 4 children in Canada and we have spent several months searching for the best and most economical Spanish program.

Thankfully we found Risas y Sonrisas Spanish Program For Kids!! We have been using it for the past 2 months and our 6 & 8 year old children absolutely love the program. The kids assessment of the program is “It’s fun!” They have learned all the songs, including our 5 year old and even our 2 year old loves to sing the songs. Our 6 & 8 year olds already know most of the verbs and vocabulary by heart.

They are beginning to put sentences together and they especially like to make up their own sentences using the Spanish words they have learned. They practice conversations using the patterns in the book. They are already beginning to ask about conjugating verbs into different tenses and they frequently ask “How do you say… in Spanish Mommy?”

Our satisfaction level with this program cannot be overstated. We love it and even mom and dad are learning too. The drawings, colors, and color coding are engaging. The explanations are clear and easy for children to understand and instructors to explain.

Our children have enjoyed learning it and I have enjoyed teaching it. We highly recommend this program. As you can tell there is a lot I could say about this program but for the sake of space I will stop here. Thank you!

Charlene Anderson
Cedar Park, TX

Thank you so much for creating this program. You have condensed a wealth of information into one book and CD. The material is well organized and very parent-children friendly. The illustrations are clear as well as very entertaining. The songs are fun and set to tunes with which most American children are familiar. You have also done an incredible job of rhyming between English and Spanish at the same time as you are organizing each lesson into easy to remember categories and relationships.

My kids (4 and 6 years old) beg me to let them listen to the Spanish songs! I am delighted to hear them singing the songs to themselves while they are playing.

Sylvia Alkis
Austin, TX

The Risas ands Sonrisas program has been a great learning experience for my kids. It is a fun and easy way to learn Spanish. This by far one of the best programs I have seen!

Nancy Westwick
Temple, TX

Thank you so much for your generous gift of the Spanish Program for Kids. I did not want to write until we had studied it together.

Well, on our trip to Colorado to a medical meeting, we took it along and were delighted and blessed at how practical and straightforward your program was. My children are singing the songs and ask me to play the CD.

Your talent in this area is excellent. Congratulations for taking the trouble to compile the program.

Lisa Ybarra
Corpus Christ, TX

Thank you for the fast shipping. We had planned on receiving it after Christmas, but we got it a few days before!

We are really enjoying your program and learning a lot.

Radmila Hrdlickova
Austin, Texas

My daughter attended four semesters of ‘Risas y Sonrisas’ Spanish program for kids from the time she was 5 years old with Leticia Smith. She learned an exceptional Spanish vocabulary with perfect pronunciation. She is at the point that she can understand Spanish conversations and she can read Spanish books. Most importantly Risas y Sonrisas is not only academically strong but also child-friendly and an attractive learning program.

My daughter always liked to attend Leticia’s classes. I would strongly recommend every child to join the ‘Risas y Sonrisas’ Spanish program!

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